Have a look at all the features

In earlier Desk versions it wasn't possible to to adjust the width of the dialog.
That has been changed now because DeskCalc is used as calculator on touch screen
by some costumers. They use and start it in fullscreen mode with the /FS command line flag.

deskcalc.exe /FS .... starts DeskCalc in Fullscreenmode
deskcalc.exe /hide .... starts DeskCalc hidden

Keyboard shortcuts can highly improve your user experience. Press CTRL + F1 to check out all
shortcuts. Version 6 enables you now to print the shortcuts.


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We added two new keypad positions, just click the right mouse button within the keypad area


  1. Select position

    10 key calculator pad

If you add some figues to your memory

memory calculator

and like them to be shown in the tape as an own calculation, you only have to

Version 6 comes with an improved printing dialog

printig desktop calculator 

3 new options mak printing tapes and calculations even more convinent. 

  • print all: prints all calculations in your selected tape
  • print last: prints the last calculation from tape
  • print marked lines: does what it says, it prints the selected lines in your tape
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The good thing about it is, that it remembers your last selection when you re-enter the printing dialog.


Version 6 introduces a clean and simple new interface with Office 2010 look and feel.

 Office 2010 Calculator

Memory calculator

Office 2010 Memory Calculator

currency calculator with daily rate update 

Office 2010 currency converter 

The Percent Key

The% key has two functions:
Finding a Percentage. In most cases, % divides a number by 100.
The one exception is when a plus or minus sign precedes the number.
(See Adding or Subtracting a Percentage, below.)